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The Homecoming

The Homecoming

The Homecoming is an erotic comic series available on the website, featuring a story revolving around a group of women who have grown up together and come back to their hometown to catch up on old times. However, the twist in this series is that all the women have a secret: they are actually “dickgirls” – transgender women with both male and female genitalia. As they reconnect, their hidden desires come to light, and they explore their sexual identities with one another. The comic features explicit sexual content, including threesomes, oral sex, anal sex, and more, with a focus on the pleasure and desires of these unique characters. The story is presented in a visually stunning way, with detailed artwork and vibrant colors bringing these characters to life on the page. The Homecoming offers a unique and exciting take on the world of transgender erotica, and is sure to excite and arouse fans of the genre.

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