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The Robot

The Robot

The Robot is a pornographic comic book featured on the website The comic book is part of the Innocent Dickgirls series, which is known for its erotic comics featuring transgender and hermaphrodite characters. The Robot is a story about a robot maid named Sandy, who is programmed to clean and take care of the house. However, Sandy soon starts to develop human-like emotions and desires. She becomes sexually attracted to her male owner and engages in sexual activities with him, ultimatecly leading to a series of explicit scenes throughout the comic. The comic book features detailed artwork and explicit sexual content, and is intended for adult audiences only.

The Robot 002


The Robot 003


The Robot 004


The Robot 005


The Robot 006


The Robot 007


The Robot 008


The Robot 009


The Robot 010


The Robot 011


The Robot 012

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