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Carnal science #2 Celeste Hammersmith The Galactic Mechanic

Carnal science 2

“Carnal Science 2: Celeste Hammersmith, the Galactic Mechanic” is an adult comic book written and illustrated by James LeMay. The comic book tells the story of Celeste Hammersmith, a talented mechanic who is hired by the military to fix a spaceship. However, Celeste soon discovers that the spaceship is more than just a simple machine, and that it holds many secrets that could change the entire galaxy.

As Celeste works to repair the ship, she meets a variety of aliens and creatures, each with their own desires and secrets. Along the way, she becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue and danger, as she learns more about the ship and its mysterious abilities.

The comic book features explicit sexual content, including scenes of lesbian and heterosexual sex, as well as BDSM and other kinks. It is intended for an adult audience only, and is not suitable for minors.

Overall, “Carnal Science 2: Celeste Hammersmith, the Galactic Mechanic” is a thrilling and erotic sci-fi adventure that will appeal to fans of adult comics and science fiction alike. With its stunning visuals and engaging storyline, it is sure to entertain and excite readers from start to finish.

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